Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Reflections on my TSC experience..

Me with Mike Nelson, Adam Glass, Brad Nelson and a really bad ass sledge hammer.

This was my first time competing in a TSC or any competitive weight lifting event for that matter. My numbers:
BW 226
DL 510 PR
Pull-up +10kg 12 reps
Snatch 32kg 79 reps
I’m happy with my number because I hit two of my three goals for the competition. I wanted to hit a 500 DL, I did. I fell short on pull-ups, wanted to hit 13/14. I had completed 13 reps a few weeks before the comp. I had never snatched a 32kg kb for five minutes before. I wanted to be between 60-80 reps. 79 was a number I’m happy with. I now have a baseline of where my lifts are. I will come in better conditioned and post higher numbers at the Sept TSC. I also wanted to comment on those that did compete. It takes a lot to put the nerves aside and step into the spot light and perform in front of an audience. To all those that competed this weekend, my hats off to you.

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