Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Full Deck Card Tear

Tuesdays Workout + First Full Deck Card Tear

JM warm up

DL (225,315,365) 405-1, 455-1,1

COC #1-5x5 R/L, #2 3x1 R/L with hold negative

Blue nails - 4

Cards - 4 half decks, 2 Full Decks (PR!!!!!)

TRX - Spine pull through x10, oblique leg raise x 10, suspended crunch x 10, repeat.

Jump rope - forward then backward 50,100,150,200,250 reps. 21 min.

Another ND blizzard day workout. The flood and now two feet of heavy wet snow. Only in ND can weather like this happen and people choose to live here. But what a day in the basement. DL felt a little heavy going into the TSC weekend. By Sat I'll be ready to bring it. Then decided to play around some. Got through my first full deck of cards. PR!!!! Bent some blues, hit the abs and finished with some cardio. Been a long time since I've jumped rope. I'll be doing more of this. Calves were on fire.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Workout

Pull-ups +25 3x5
Snatch 32kg 5x5 R/L
MBG Fitness test

One week to TSC. Will be doing a couple prep lifts tomorrow and Wed. Then taking Thurs/Fri off to rest up and then will kick ass on Sat in Woodbury, MN at Kinetic Edge Performance.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A day in the flood fight.

This is a temporary earth dike that is being placed on a road about three blocks from my house.

More dirt coming in.

More volunteers passing sand bags.

Michelson Park. This is where my daughter plays fast pitch softball in the summer. The diamonds are under 20ft of river water.

I'll get updated....

after our community gets through the disaster we are all facing.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

485 + 505 Deadlifts

Saturday's training -- TSC prep PR's!!

Took a couple days off to get over a head cold. Bad sinus congestion and head pressure. Felt better yesterday and felt even better today so I thought I would give it a run before I leave for AZ for a few days of sun and fun....it's been in the 80's there. That will be an 70 degree temp change from Fargo. On to the workout:

JM warm up
DL(225,315warmup) 405-4x2, 435-2, 455-1, 485-1, 505-1 PR!
Pull-up BW-5,5 +25lbs-11,11,10 PR!
Ab wheel 1x20

WOW!!! What a great lift. My first pull over 500. I've pulled 500 once before but never after that may sets prior. 505 a new PR. I'll beat that on April 4th for a new PR. Then to knock out 32 total reps with an additional 25lbs. I'm jacked. I didn't have time to do the 5 min snatch test do to time restraints.

I wanted to lose some weight before the event so I started dieting two weeks ago. I'm down 12 lbs to 228. I'll drop a few more pounds before April 4th and the pull-ups should be easier.

Quick thank you to Brad Nelson (http://bradrants.com/blog/) for helping me along the way and for the TSC prep workout that I have been following.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday's training

JMwarm up
Pull-up +35 7,7,6,6,5
DL 315 - 5x5
Snatch 32kg 7 sets 5R/5L on the min.

Felt a little sluggish today. May have a cold setting in. Good numbers on the pull-ups and the DLs were smooth and not taxing.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blizzard day....

For those of you that don't understand what a blizzard day is, I'll fill you in. Today in lovely Fargo, ND the temperature is -3 degrees Fahrenheit. With a windchill of -35 degrees. Yes that is below zero. Now combine that temperature with the 6-12 inches of snow that has fallen and push it around with a 30-45 mph wind and you have a city closing blizzard day. The Fargo area shut down this morning. Everything is closed. No travel is advised. Interstates to and from that area are closed. We'll be lucky to get out and about tomorrow. The good thing about blizzard days.....got an afternoon nap in and my kettlebells are in the basement.

Tuesday's workout:
JM warm up
Pumps 2x15
Cossacks 2x15
Halo 16kg 20R/20L
Swing 24kg 2x25
B.U. Press 24kg 2x5R/5L, 32kg 1R
Ab wheel 1x20
Lever side bends 10R/10L (thanks Adam Glass - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBEUic3n0NE )

I was pretty sore today after Monday's workout and massage. She really got in there and worked some knots out of my back. Could really feel it today. Not really a workout, more of a warm up and stretch out. Getting the body warm and blood flowing really made me feel better. Followed it up with a good meal, hot shower and a nap. Pretty good day despite the weather. Until tomorrow.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday's training.

JM warm up
A1 DL 418 3x2, 385 2x2
A2 Pull-up +25lbs 6,6,7,8,5
Snatch 32kg 5R/5L on the min for eleven min(110 reps)

I superset DL and Pull-ups today to mix it up and keep my heart rate up. Felt really for an early morning lift. Washed it down with a post workout shake and then a massage. I'm going all out this week because next week is a back off and I will be out of town(sunny warm AZ) so I probably won't get all my workouts in. Here's to the start of a good week.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mark Wilson RKC 24kg Bottoms up press

Ironmind Blue nail bend. 3/7/09

405 DL 2/7/09

Saturday's training and bending PR!!!

JM warm up
DL 405 6x2
Pull-ups +25lbs 5x5
BUP 24kg 3x5 L/R
Pinch block curls 15lbs 10/10, 5/5, 5/5 - R/L
Bending - 3 yellow, 5 blue ironmind nails also some FatBastard barbell round stock. PRs!!!!

I love Sat workouts. After taking Thurs/Fri I felt great. Well rested and fresh. Everything felt strong. Major bending PR. 5 Blues in a row. When I first got the Ironmind nails four weeks ago, I couldn't even begin the bend on the blue. That's great progress in a short period of time.

Wednesday's training

Pull-ups bw-12,11,10,10,9
DL (warm up w/225,275,315) 385-5x2

DL's are feeling great and pull-up numbers continue to rise.

Tuesday's training.

JM+Halo+Pump+Squat warm up(JHPS)
DL 225-2, 315-1, 365-1, 415-1
Snatch 32kg 10/10, 8/8, 8/8, 7/7, 7/7, 5x5/5 L/R on the min for total of ten minutes.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday's training.

JM, pumps, halo, bw squat warm up for 10 min.
DL 135, 22, 315, 365 5x2, 415 1x1
Pull-up BW 10,9,9,9,8
Pinch block curls 15lbs 1x20 L/R

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Its a Sunday....

Had a couple members of my workout/weight loss group wanted me to help them with some form issues. Did a good warm up and worked through the issues to get them straight. After that the three of us swings for ten minutes and TGU for ten minutes. Good impromptu workout. Followed that up with a great breakfast and went about our day. Looking forward to Monday and the start of what should be a great week.

Swings 32kg 20L/20R on the minute for 10 mins.
TGU 32kg 6L/6R
Core work

Sat workout:

JM warm up
Swing (with oven mitts) 24kg 10L/10R on the min for 15 min.
Finished with some grip work:
COC grippers
Pinch block curls
Bending some Ironmind yellow and blues and some Fatbastard Barbell metal. Also got a few bolts down for the first time.

Good one on a Sat morning. Body felt great after a good nights sleep. Woke up fresh and ready to go. I'm happy that the wrists and hands are getting stronger. Five weeks until the TSC and the conditioning it coming together. I may test the TSC lifts this week depending on how training is going.

Where did the weekend go?

Friday's training:
Bent press 32kg 3x5 L/R (did these into a windmill on each rep)
Pull-ups BW 11,7,11,7,11
Snatch 32kg 8L/8R on the min for 11 min.

Good workout. Rear delt area has been sore on my left side doing pull-ups. I'm seeing a chiropractor and getting a message Tues to make sure its nothing major. Has been tender for a week now. Snatches felt easier than last week. Well not easy, 32kg snatches will never be easy, you know what I mean. Maybe I was just more energized Fri than last week when I did them. Who knows.