Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesdays Workout + First Full Deck Card Tear

JM warm up

DL (225,315,365) 405-1, 455-1,1

COC #1-5x5 R/L, #2 3x1 R/L with hold negative

Blue nails - 4

Cards - 4 half decks, 2 Full Decks (PR!!!!!)

TRX - Spine pull through x10, oblique leg raise x 10, suspended crunch x 10, repeat.

Jump rope - forward then backward 50,100,150,200,250 reps. 21 min.

Another ND blizzard day workout. The flood and now two feet of heavy wet snow. Only in ND can weather like this happen and people choose to live here. But what a day in the basement. DL felt a little heavy going into the TSC weekend. By Sat I'll be ready to bring it. Then decided to play around some. Got through my first full deck of cards. PR!!!! Bent some blues, hit the abs and finished with some cardio. Been a long time since I've jumped rope. I'll be doing more of this. Calves were on fire.

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