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The Truth About Cardio

Craig Ballantyne posted this video that I couldn't agree with more. Get off the treadmill, try the system he mentioned and see the results that come.

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Supersets today. Dbl MP/Renegade Row, FSQ/Swing

I love these combos for a quick strength workout.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grilling season....

What to do while you're waiting for the grill to warm up...swing the Monster Mace.

60D Double Underhand

I've been bending 1/4" cold rolled steel cut to 5" lately as I work towards the Grade 5 bolt bend. Picked up some 60D nails at the lumber yard yesterday so I thought I would have some fun double underhand style.

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Excuses!!! Excuses!!!!!

My good friend Brad Nelson SrRKC put up a great article about excuses for not exercising. Read it. Understand it. And do something about it.

Click here: http://bradrants.com/blog/whats-your-excuse/

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Kettlebells, Calories, Heart-rate Monitors and the Disgrace of Aerobics

This is from a post by Marty Gallagher from his monthly column on Dragondoor.com. I wanted to share it with you so you could see why I feel kettlebells are superior to normal cardio work. Enjoy.

My old friend Pavel Tsatsouline once famously said, (and I paraphrase) "At all cost avoid the disgrace of aerobics." Knowing the man for over a decade I understand his ill feelings towards all seemingly mindless forms of exercise. His vision of "aerobic disgrace" is the Sisyphus-like stationary bike ride to nowhere - or sitting on some glitzy machine that cost more than a small car, mindlessly moving along at a "nice" sub-maximal pace, while watching a built-in TV or perhaps talking with your aerobic neighbor about how great "working out" is or how the local football team is doing. The epitome of "disgraceful" would be a Jane Fonda-type workout where a pack of syncopated sissies would gyrate and contort in a group aerobics dance class to the swinging sounds of Britney Spears or some sugary-sweet pop music. Everyone would wear an outfit and no one would sweat. Pavel's disgrace list would likely include any group event that involved music, hand clapping and decidedly feminine dance routines. Aerobic activity needs to be more than "feeling good" about ourselves and our fitness efforts, aerobic activity needs to be maximally intense, sweaty and preferably done outdoors.

As I've said before, in fitness effort is no substitute for fitness success. Sub-maximal effort is, in this man's opinion, a complete waste of training time. My idea of aerobic exercise is lung-searing, grunt and pant cardio that forces the individual to equal or exceed some sort of limit, keeping in mind that limits can take many forms. I like running or power-walking while toting a heavy weighted pack; also high on the approved aerobic list would be swimming for miles or hoisting heavy objects for protracted periods. My idealized version of cardio exercise is done outside, sans machines and always resulting in sweat being excreted by the bucketful. Beneficial cardio needs to involve extreme exertion. Man is primordially programmed to run and swim: from the beginning of time until the domestication of the horse, men caught and killed wild game on foot in order to survive? How do you think primal man avoided man-eating predators? If primal man was not physically fit, if he were not a capable runner or swimmer, his life expectancy was significantly diminished. Modern man is the inheritor of primal programming and is a natural runner or swimmer; genetically we are preprogrammed for these activities. There is nothing in our exercise DNA that makes us good stationary bike riders or dancers; there is nothing in our genetic makeup that allows us to reap maximum physical results from minimal physical effort.

I cannot tell you how many times over the past decade decidedly fat men have thrown Pavel's quote in my face when I have suggested that a little cardio activity might do them a world of good...

Me: "Look here my good fellow; you are fifty pounds overweight and you huff and puff like you've just run a marathon after walking up three flights of stairs. You should consider adding a bit of cardio activity to your kettlebell regimen to improve your deficient circulatory efficiency."

Them: "Pavel says aerobics are disgraceful! (Belch!) Besides I hate cardio!"

Why I would never have guessed. Basically Pavel's words are being twisted by the decidedly unfit to provide themselves a 'get-out-of-jail-free without doing cardio trump card.' How can you argue with this kind of logic? As someone once said, "a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still." For this reason I don't spend a lot of time trying to convince the unrepentant unfit that they need some applied cardio exercise - this reluctance to embrace cardio is doubly ironic: unbeknownst to the aggressively unfit, they already possess one of the greatest cardio devices ever invented: the kettlebell.

Used intelligently, i.e., for high reps and for an extended exercise periods of time, the uber-simplistic kettlebell becomes the AK-47 of cardio devices. Factually and mathematically, a properly used kettlebell trumps the aerobic benefit derived from uber-expensive aerobic machines or the pump-and-groove-step-aerobic class.

In recent years I have worked with obese individuals in an attempt to introduce them to a humane approach towards fitness. One of the goals of any comprehensive fitness regimen is cardiovascular health. When the circulatory system is systematically "exercised," organ functionality and overall health improves. The heart and lungs are muscles and like any other and when routinely exercised they are strengthened and their pumping power is improved. Intense cardio sends torrents of blood rushing down arterial highways, cleansing and cleaning as the blood-flood blasts through the miles and miles of internal plumbing.

➢ How do we exercise the circulatory system?
➢ Systematically elevate the heart rate for a protracted period
➢ How do we lose body fat?
➢ Synchronize cardio exercise with cleaned up food selections and gradually reduce caloric intake

Invoke and pay homage to the four bullet points and do so for a decent period of time and excess body fat begins melting faster than ice cubes strewn on a hot concrete sidewalk in mid August.

Recently I have been working with kettlebell trainees to improve various aspects of their performance. To satisfy my own curiosity, I suggested one of my hardcore kettlebell athletes "strap up" with a Polar F4 heart rate monitor during his intense sessions. My idea was to see what sort of cardio impact kettlebell lifting generated. I thought kettlebell lifting would prove to be a dynamic calorie oxidizer. My hunches and suspicions were confirmed when Jim Ski began reporting his results: hoisting heavy kettlebells in a variety of methods, using various exercises, generated a dramatically elevated heart rate. Ski's results pointed out with mathematical certainty that intense and protracted kettlebell training is an aerobic activity without peer. While running and swimming are fabulous cardio activities, and as natural for an athlete as natural can be, lifting heavy weights for high reps burns more calories than either activity.

One critical cardio benchmark, perhaps the critical benchmark is: how many calories per minute are oxidized during a particular exercise? As it turns out, protracted kettlebell hoisting is pretty much in a calorie-per-minute class of its own. The 'burn rates' generated during an extended kettlebell session are nothing short of fantastic. I have reprinted a few sample workouts undertaken by Jim Ski to illustrate the awesome calorie-burning attributes of kettlebell lifting...

Sat., 4/11/09 workout I

Cardio Extended Strength - low weight slung for long durations
Warm-up: 75 Bodyweight squats

Two Hand Swings: 20 swings with 24kg K-Bell: 35 seconds of work alternated with 35 seconds of rest for 40 work/rest cycles
Total Swings: 800, Total Volume: 42,400 lbs.

Duration: 52:45 - including squat warm-ups
Intensity: (High)
Blended session heart rate average: 150 beats per minute for 53 minutes equating to 88.7% of his 169 max HR
Max HR hit during the session: 171 beats per minute
Calories Oxidized per Minute: 15.1 calories per minute were burned for 53 consecutive minutes
Total Calories Oxidized: 805 calories in 52 minutes and 45 seconds (1 calorie for every swing)

Here is another representational kettlebell swing workout: this one was shorter and slightly less intense as expressed in cal/per/minute burn...over 33 minutes Jim averaged a 14.1 calorie-per-minute burn rate.

Fri., 4/24/2009

Warm Up: 51 Bodyweight Squats
2 hand swings 20 swings with a 24kg K-bell - 35 seconds of work / 35 second rest for a total of 25 work/rest cycles
Total Swings: 500, Total Volume: 26,500 lbs.

Duration: 33:01 minutes
Intensity: (Light)
%ARHR: 85.2%
Blended session Heart Rate average: 144 beats per minute for 33 consecutive minutes
Max HR achieved during the session: 165 beats per minute
Calories Oxidized per Minute: 14.2 calories per minute for 33 straight minutes
Total number of Calories Oxidized during the session: 469


Below are the results from a short, 13 minute and 30 second, one hand snatch workout...
Protocol: a single 44 pound kettlebell is snatched singlehandedly -
10 reps left hand, then ten reps right hand, followed by 40 seconds of rest for ten cycles

Snatches @ 20kg 10 left hand reps then 10 right hand reps then rest (40 sec. work / 40 sec. rest) for 10 complete cycles
Total Snatches: 200, Total Volume: 8,800 lbs.

Duration: 13:27 minutes
Intensity: (High)
Session average % of age-related heart rate maximum: 91.1%
Blended session average hear rate: 154 beats per minute
Max HR during session: 165 beat per minute
Calories Oxidized per Minute: 14.9 calories per minute for 13 and one half minutes
Total Calories Oxidized: 194

Note that almost 200 calories were burnt in less than 14 minutes...that is a fabulous burn rate - but it gets even better - keep in mind that on both the dual hand swing exercise and the single-hand snatch exercise half the exercise time was spent resting!

The swing protocol was 35 seconds of work followed by 35 seconds of rest for 49 consecutive minutes; the snatch protocol was 40 seconds of work followed by 40 seconds of rest for 13.5 consecutive minutes. This is astounding - in terms of work and work alone, the 800 calories were burnt in 24 minutes of actual work! Ditto the 44 pound one arm snatches - 200 calories were oxidized during 7 minutes of actual work!

The kettlebell seems to be the perfect tool for generating caloric oxidation: the swing is particularly effective and my theory is that the swing strikes a perfect balance between strength and momentum. There is a rhythm and momentum to properly performed swing technique that is conducive for extended performance. The goal of an effective cardio session is to establish an elevated heart rate and keep the heart rate elevated for an extended period of time. The goal of a sensible cardio session strikes the elusive balance between duration and intensity. The kettlebell swing seems to be the ideal heart-rate spiking exercise in that it is a perfect combination of muscle activation and sustainable momentum. Users are able to ignite dramatically accelerated heart rates yet keep the exercise going for a long period of time.

I would challenge anyone to find any other mode of exercise that can generate a higher, sustainable calories-per-minute burn rate. While you might be able to generate a higher caloric burn rate for a few minutes, try keeping it up for 30 + minutes. Keep in mind that the sustained caloric burn rates I have highlighted were generated by a 50 + year old man weighing 205 pounds - there is zero doubt in my mind that even higher burn rates can be achieved by younger, fitter individuals.

On the other hand without a Polar F4 heart rate monitor you would be unable to determine any of this....I would amend Pavel's famous statement and say - "there is no disgrace in aerobics - provided they are performed in proper sweaty fashion using the AK-47 of exercise tools."

Monday, May 4, 2009

Frustrating Monday equals......

many torn pages hitting the floor. Did four more phonebooks after getting through the duct tape tear.

Phonebook with duct tape tear.

I've been working on static pulls with another duct taped phonebook for a few weeks. I just wanted to pull for awhile on this one and then I started to get the tear. I surprised myself. I couldn't get through a phonebook in the beginning of April. I learned some technique changes from Adam Glass at the TSC that has helped and combined with other grip training I've been doing, I got all the way through. Look out larger phonebooks, here I come.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday workout

am workout: VO2
50 sets of 7 reps with 16kg.

I should've kept going instead of cutting it short to go to work. Work could've waited. 80 sets is right around the corner, then i will up the reps to 8.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Been awhile again.

Didn't realize it has been so long since posting. There has been a lot of big things going on in my life lately that I will be bringing you up to date on. Last weekend I re-certified as a RKC instructor after completing the three day class. More on that also.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Morning workout

Card Deck-Ace=14 reps on down
Hearts - Burpees w/jump
Diamonds - Sprint in place
Spades - Deck squats
Clubs - Lateral jumps over a 8" box

Time: 27:36 281 cal HR 147A 166max

What a great way to start the weekend. Tore the deck in half when I was done to make me feel better.

I'm off to find some plates with a good hub for the hub grip challenge on the Dragondoor strength forum.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Phonebook tears.

What a night....Thursday's training.

AM workout: 15sec work/15sec rest

burpees/jump rope
3 min rest
hindu squats/mtn climbers
3 min rest
Power wheel pike ups
Power wheel leg curls

37:58 352 cal HR 140A 166 Max

PM grip work:

3-dimes pinch holds X3 R/L
25lbs plate curls X 3 sets
Card tears - 3 decks
phonebooks - 3

Doing more bw conditioning work and taking a break from the big lifts after the TSC. I was burnt out on DL and pullups. I've been doing a little grip work everyday and will continue until I can feel that I need to take some time off. Surprised myself with the cards and phonebooks. I couldn't start a PB on Sunday at the Grip and Rip. I was shot physically and mentally. Recharged today I got threw them.

Senior Russian Kettlebell Instructor Gets Core Workout of His Life!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Workout

AM: grip work
Pinch block curls 15lbs 3x5 L/R
Card tears (Adam's way) 3 tears with 30 cards.
Static pulls on duct taped phonebook. This hurt just like Adam said it would.

JM warm up
10, 9, 8, etc reps alernating between sets
A1 Dbl snatch 32kg 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
A2 Hanging knee raise 10,9,8,7,6,5,5,5,5,5
26:39 263 cal HR 145 A, 172 Max

Good lifts today. Really feeling it in the tendons and arms. Dbl snatches were a great change of pace and the first 3 sets were killers.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesdays Workout

JM warm up
Grip work-25lb plate curls 3x5 R/L
Arm Bar 16kg KB 3-R/L
Dbl TGU 2-16kg KB x 3 reps
40sec work/20sec rest for 12 min per set
cable full ext 19,15,15,15,15,16
box jumps 20,16,16,16,16,17,15
3 min rest
burpees 13,13,12,10,10
lateral jumps 13,16,19,14,17
271cal 23:00min HR 160A, 177 max

Still feeling fatigued from the weekend. More mentally than physically. I digested alot of info and was over stimulated. Need to get some rest tonight.

Reflections on my TSC experience..

Me with Mike Nelson, Adam Glass, Brad Nelson and a really bad ass sledge hammer.

This was my first time competing in a TSC or any competitive weight lifting event for that matter. My numbers:
BW 226
DL 510 PR
Pull-up +10kg 12 reps
Snatch 32kg 79 reps
I’m happy with my number because I hit two of my three goals for the competition. I wanted to hit a 500 DL, I did. I fell short on pull-ups, wanted to hit 13/14. I had completed 13 reps a few weeks before the comp. I had never snatched a 32kg kb for five minutes before. I wanted to be between 60-80 reps. 79 was a number I’m happy with. I now have a baseline of where my lifts are. I will come in better conditioned and post higher numbers at the Sept TSC. I also wanted to comment on those that did compete. It takes a lot to put the nerves aside and step into the spot light and perform in front of an audience. To all those that competed this weekend, my hats off to you.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday workout

Mixing it up:

JM warm up
Yoga 12-min
30sec work/30sec rest for 30min
Exercise - Total reps
Cable full extension - 113
Burpees with a jump - 107
Box jumps (18") - 130

320 cals, HR 152A, 170 max

Getting a little board with my training so you'll be seeing a lot of different full body type workouts coming up. I really need to get ready for summer activites.
Relax tomorrow, TSC Sat.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Workout

A1 1 arm push up-5,5/4,4/5,5/5,4/4,4
A2 1 arm body row(on the TRX) 5,5,5,5,5
B1 1 leg box step(18"box)5x5 L/R
B2 1 leg DL 24kg KB 5x5 L/RTime 20:58 137 A HR, 188 cal

TSC Prep
Pull-ups bw+24kg 3x1
1 arm swings 48kg 5x5 R/L
Been a long time since I've done 1 arm pushups. Forgot about the tension that is required to complet multiple sets of them. The pullups with the bw+24kg kb went up easier than they have in a long time. Granted there were just singles. Good workout today.

Joint Mobility

Great Joint Mobility to do upon waking in the morning, before working out or prior to athletic activities.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Full Deck Card Tear

Tuesdays Workout + First Full Deck Card Tear

JM warm up

DL (225,315,365) 405-1, 455-1,1

COC #1-5x5 R/L, #2 3x1 R/L with hold negative

Blue nails - 4

Cards - 4 half decks, 2 Full Decks (PR!!!!!)

TRX - Spine pull through x10, oblique leg raise x 10, suspended crunch x 10, repeat.

Jump rope - forward then backward 50,100,150,200,250 reps. 21 min.

Another ND blizzard day workout. The flood and now two feet of heavy wet snow. Only in ND can weather like this happen and people choose to live here. But what a day in the basement. DL felt a little heavy going into the TSC weekend. By Sat I'll be ready to bring it. Then decided to play around some. Got through my first full deck of cards. PR!!!! Bent some blues, hit the abs and finished with some cardio. Been a long time since I've jumped rope. I'll be doing more of this. Calves were on fire.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Workout

Pull-ups +25 3x5
Snatch 32kg 5x5 R/L
MBG Fitness test

One week to TSC. Will be doing a couple prep lifts tomorrow and Wed. Then taking Thurs/Fri off to rest up and then will kick ass on Sat in Woodbury, MN at Kinetic Edge Performance.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A day in the flood fight.

This is a temporary earth dike that is being placed on a road about three blocks from my house.

More dirt coming in.

More volunteers passing sand bags.

Michelson Park. This is where my daughter plays fast pitch softball in the summer. The diamonds are under 20ft of river water.

I'll get updated....

after our community gets through the disaster we are all facing.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

485 + 505 Deadlifts

Saturday's training -- TSC prep PR's!!

Took a couple days off to get over a head cold. Bad sinus congestion and head pressure. Felt better yesterday and felt even better today so I thought I would give it a run before I leave for AZ for a few days of sun and fun....it's been in the 80's there. That will be an 70 degree temp change from Fargo. On to the workout:

JM warm up
DL(225,315warmup) 405-4x2, 435-2, 455-1, 485-1, 505-1 PR!
Pull-up BW-5,5 +25lbs-11,11,10 PR!
Ab wheel 1x20

WOW!!! What a great lift. My first pull over 500. I've pulled 500 once before but never after that may sets prior. 505 a new PR. I'll beat that on April 4th for a new PR. Then to knock out 32 total reps with an additional 25lbs. I'm jacked. I didn't have time to do the 5 min snatch test do to time restraints.

I wanted to lose some weight before the event so I started dieting two weeks ago. I'm down 12 lbs to 228. I'll drop a few more pounds before April 4th and the pull-ups should be easier.

Quick thank you to Brad Nelson (http://bradrants.com/blog/) for helping me along the way and for the TSC prep workout that I have been following.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday's training

JMwarm up
Pull-up +35 7,7,6,6,5
DL 315 - 5x5
Snatch 32kg 7 sets 5R/5L on the min.

Felt a little sluggish today. May have a cold setting in. Good numbers on the pull-ups and the DLs were smooth and not taxing.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blizzard day....

For those of you that don't understand what a blizzard day is, I'll fill you in. Today in lovely Fargo, ND the temperature is -3 degrees Fahrenheit. With a windchill of -35 degrees. Yes that is below zero. Now combine that temperature with the 6-12 inches of snow that has fallen and push it around with a 30-45 mph wind and you have a city closing blizzard day. The Fargo area shut down this morning. Everything is closed. No travel is advised. Interstates to and from that area are closed. We'll be lucky to get out and about tomorrow. The good thing about blizzard days.....got an afternoon nap in and my kettlebells are in the basement.

Tuesday's workout:
JM warm up
Pumps 2x15
Cossacks 2x15
Halo 16kg 20R/20L
Swing 24kg 2x25
B.U. Press 24kg 2x5R/5L, 32kg 1R
Ab wheel 1x20
Lever side bends 10R/10L (thanks Adam Glass - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBEUic3n0NE )

I was pretty sore today after Monday's workout and massage. She really got in there and worked some knots out of my back. Could really feel it today. Not really a workout, more of a warm up and stretch out. Getting the body warm and blood flowing really made me feel better. Followed it up with a good meal, hot shower and a nap. Pretty good day despite the weather. Until tomorrow.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday's training.

JM warm up
A1 DL 418 3x2, 385 2x2
A2 Pull-up +25lbs 6,6,7,8,5
Snatch 32kg 5R/5L on the min for eleven min(110 reps)

I superset DL and Pull-ups today to mix it up and keep my heart rate up. Felt really for an early morning lift. Washed it down with a post workout shake and then a massage. I'm going all out this week because next week is a back off and I will be out of town(sunny warm AZ) so I probably won't get all my workouts in. Here's to the start of a good week.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mark Wilson RKC 24kg Bottoms up press

Ironmind Blue nail bend. 3/7/09

405 DL 2/7/09

Saturday's training and bending PR!!!

JM warm up
DL 405 6x2
Pull-ups +25lbs 5x5
BUP 24kg 3x5 L/R
Pinch block curls 15lbs 10/10, 5/5, 5/5 - R/L
Bending - 3 yellow, 5 blue ironmind nails also some FatBastard barbell round stock. PRs!!!!

I love Sat workouts. After taking Thurs/Fri I felt great. Well rested and fresh. Everything felt strong. Major bending PR. 5 Blues in a row. When I first got the Ironmind nails four weeks ago, I couldn't even begin the bend on the blue. That's great progress in a short period of time.

Wednesday's training

Pull-ups bw-12,11,10,10,9
DL (warm up w/225,275,315) 385-5x2

DL's are feeling great and pull-up numbers continue to rise.

Tuesday's training.

JM+Halo+Pump+Squat warm up(JHPS)
DL 225-2, 315-1, 365-1, 415-1
Snatch 32kg 10/10, 8/8, 8/8, 7/7, 7/7, 5x5/5 L/R on the min for total of ten minutes.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday's training.

JM, pumps, halo, bw squat warm up for 10 min.
DL 135, 22, 315, 365 5x2, 415 1x1
Pull-up BW 10,9,9,9,8
Pinch block curls 15lbs 1x20 L/R

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Its a Sunday....

Had a couple members of my workout/weight loss group wanted me to help them with some form issues. Did a good warm up and worked through the issues to get them straight. After that the three of us swings for ten minutes and TGU for ten minutes. Good impromptu workout. Followed that up with a great breakfast and went about our day. Looking forward to Monday and the start of what should be a great week.

Swings 32kg 20L/20R on the minute for 10 mins.
TGU 32kg 6L/6R
Core work

Sat workout:

JM warm up
Swing (with oven mitts) 24kg 10L/10R on the min for 15 min.
Finished with some grip work:
COC grippers
Pinch block curls
Bending some Ironmind yellow and blues and some Fatbastard Barbell metal. Also got a few bolts down for the first time.

Good one on a Sat morning. Body felt great after a good nights sleep. Woke up fresh and ready to go. I'm happy that the wrists and hands are getting stronger. Five weeks until the TSC and the conditioning it coming together. I may test the TSC lifts this week depending on how training is going.

Where did the weekend go?

Friday's training:
Bent press 32kg 3x5 L/R (did these into a windmill on each rep)
Pull-ups BW 11,7,11,7,11
Snatch 32kg 8L/8R on the min for 11 min.

Good workout. Rear delt area has been sore on my left side doing pull-ups. I'm seeing a chiropractor and getting a message Tues to make sure its nothing major. Has been tender for a week now. Snatches felt easier than last week. Well not easy, 32kg snatches will never be easy, you know what I mean. Maybe I was just more energized Fri than last week when I did them. Who knows.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Video's for my training group.

A recap of what I covered with for my group.

Wednesday morning workout:

Pull-ups +20lbs, 8,7,6,5,5
DL 225-8, 275-8, 315(with oven mitts)-5, 365(wom)-3, 410(wom)-1, 465(wom)-missed
Snatch 32kg 5L/5R on the min 11 sets

Do snatches ever get easier? Oven mitt deadlifts were fun. Forearms and grip were fried. Things are coming together.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday's training.

JM warm up
TGU 24kg, 1x10L/10R
Bent press 40kb 1x3L/3R
Pistol bw 3R/3L +16kg 3R/3L
pinch block curls 15lbs 2x10 R/L
COC gripper work 2x10 #T, 2x5 #1, 1x3 R, 1x2 L

First group training this afternoon. I will be working with a group of six that are looking for a change of pace. They want results through short intense workouts.....what better way then through the use of Kettlebells. More on this later.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday's AM training.

Pull-ups +45lbs - 5,4,4,3,3
Deadlift 225-2x10, 275-2x8, 315-2x5
KB Snatch 24kg reps on the min for 10 min. R/L: 10/10, 10/10, 7/7, 10/10, 5/5 had to chalk up, 8/8, 8/8, 7/7, 7/7, 5/5.

Good workout today after taking a few days off. Lower back finally felt loose. JM and some zhealth yesterday(and the last couple days) helped. Will get back to the 32kg and 40kg snatches later this week. Need to get my numbers up with the 32kg by April 4th's TSC. I'm happy and confident with my numbers on pull-ups and DL. The snatches have me a little worried. I can't seem to up my numbers. Gut check time. I need to push through the tough spots to be better. Here goes.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

After 4 days off.....

I feel much better. I'm looking forward to jumping back in to some hard TSC prep training this week. Pull-ups, snatches and DL will be the platform for the next six weeks. While I was cleaning up the basement(my workout area) I thought I would try a bend or two. Did 3 white, 3 green, 3 yellow and 3 blue ironmind nails. This was the first time I have bent a blue. Couldn't even get it started a few weeks ago. Thanks to all that have posted bending instructional videos lately to help me get this one. Stay strong. Thanks for watching.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wed morning workout:

Pull-ups +20lbs 1x11
DL 225lbs 3x8
Snatch 32kg 3x8 L/R
TGU 32kg 1x3 L/R

Lever side bend with 7ft olympic bar 3x10 L/R
pinch block curl - 17.5lbs 2x5 L/R, 12.5lbs 2x10 L/R
Leverage bar work.
10- 60D bends

I was kind of out of it today. Just couldn't get the motor running. I had trouble falling asleep last night, which is odd. Usually when my head hits the pillow I'm done. So when 5:00am came along I was groggy. Quick workout with lower volume. Going to take the rest of the week off. Going to try max DL on Sat. I need to see where I'm at in preparation for the TSC. 11 pull-ups felt easy when I was tired. I want to hit 20 on April 4th. My goals for the TSC are: 550 DL, 20 pull-ups and 100 snatches. Right now the snatches are my week link. I can't seem to get my numbers to improve. I have 6 weeks to get them there.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesdays training.

Bent press 1 rep L/1 rep R with 32kg, 40kg & 48kg
Pistol 24kg in rack position 5 R/5 L
TGU 40kg 3 R/ 3 L

The bent press is slowly becoming one of my favorite exercises. I love the full body tension that is required. Lower back was a little tight today but shoulders felt good. DL in the morning if back feels ok. Going to get some rest, 10min of snatch in the morning also.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday's training and new fun stuff....

DL 235lbs 2x20 3min rest between sets.
Pull-up +40lbs 5,4,3,2,1

Been a little sore in the shoulders so I backed down on the poundage in the pull-ups. Started doing more joint mobility drills and some zhealth to see if that helps. Another aspect of my workout today was carrying 600lbs of free weights into my basement. Came across a used set and got a great deal on it. Came with a 1500lbs Olympic bar and weight tree. No comments about the curl bar, it was part of the deal so he made me take it. Bought some rope and my "bag of nails," from IronMind http://www6.mailordercentral.com/ironmind/prodinfo.asp?number=1236 also arrived today. It was a good way to start the week. Like Christmas in Feb. I've been following the workout out in the Diesel Crew's Bending ebook found here: http://www.dieselcrew.com/nail-bending-ebook/ so I couldn't resist bending a few nails tonight. I didn't get crazy because I need to work on technique to make sure I don't get an injury. This is an all new level of strength training for me. My forearms and upper body are still tight from just that little bit of bending. It's great to see PR's laying bent on the table after a workout.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Relaxing weekend.

It was a very relaxing weekend. Got some great evening sleep and took a nap on Sat and Sun afternoon. I love naps on the weekend. After not following my scheduled back off week last week, I will be backing off this week. I'll do some DL and snatches because I need to stay on track for the TSC. I'll take an extra day off also.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday workout:

Pull-ups BW 4x10
Bench press 225lbs 4x10, 10, 8, 8
Bent over DB rows 100lbs 3x8 R/L
Pinch plate curls 25lbs 3x5 R/L

Pretty basic today. First time benching for quite some time. Not really one of my priorities right now. Getting some rest today and getting ready for a max pull DL tomorrow as long as I feel good with not to much muscle soreness in the morning.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday workout:

JM warm up and some Zhealth
TGU 32kg 5L/5R
Pinch block curls 17.5lbs 5x5 L/R
10lbs 1x12 L/R
COC grippers #1 4x5-8 L/R
Pistols BW 5L/5R

Today was a nice break. Lower volume and plenty of energy. Body and CNS are feeling great. I'm loving the pinch block curls. I feel stronger from one workout to the next. COC #2 is closing better on the right hand. Closed it for the first time with the left. PR!!! Left hand is lagging behind the right.

Wed workout:

DL 225lbs 2x20 3min rest between sets.
Pull-ups BW 4x10
Ab wheel from knees 1x25

The DL really gave me a full body pump. I don't usually notice it but today everything felt tight and full. I'm really liking this type pf progression. We'll see what it does for my max effort next time I pull for a single. Did higher rep sets of pull-ups to help with endurance. Good early morning workout.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Evil wheel work.

The standing to full extension roll out is getting easier. I've been adding reps and sets consistently.

Mondays training.

This is a back off week. Reduce the volume and let the body and CNS recover.

DL 205lbs 2x20 3 min rest between sets.
Pull-ups BW only 4x10, 10 , 8, 8
Snatch 40kg 4R/4L on the min for 10 min.
AB wheel standing to complete extension and back (video will be tomorrow)
Pinch block curls 17.5lbs 2x5R/L

Ooops, doesn't really look like a back-off workout now does it. I will be taking am extra day off this week.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

While the camera was rolling....

decided to play with the "beast." 48kg military press and bent press with right and left hand.

32kg kettlebell bottoms up press.

I had not tried this before, but with all the bottoms up pressing going on around the forum lately I thought I better give it a shot. Went up good. I'm pretty happy. Now on to the next bell and another PR. Thanks for watching.

Just off the phone...

with Senior RKC Brad Nelson. He's got me very excited about the April 4th TSC at his gym in Woodbury, MN. Like mentioned earlier, he is helping me with a program to get me ready to be my best on April 4th. We just talk about tweaking the program some to see what works best for us. We'll be adjusting the pullup program to heavy pulls on Mon/Fri of 3-5 reps to light +16kg on Wed for 10 reps. Also are alternating between the 40kg and 32kg kb's for snatches. The goal is 120 in 5 min at the competition. I will be more precise with my daily training log so we can continue to adjust numbers and see what is working for each other. He also mentioned that there may be a seminar by Brad and Adam Glass that follows the TSC. More info to come on that. TSC and training seminar in one strength packed weekend, I can't wait.

Sat workout.

DL 175lbs 2x20 3 min rest between sets.
Pull-ups +60lbs 3,3,2,1 (didn't get these in yesterday so did them this morning)
Oven mitt swings(grip endurance) 24kg 10R/10L on the min for 10 minutes.
Ab wheel 2x15
COC grippers 2x10 trainer, 3x5 R/L #1, 3x1 R/L #2 (left hand is lagging behind)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday's GTG training.

Pistols +24kg in rack position 3x1 l/r
+16kg in rack position 3x1 l/r
Bent Press 32kg 3x2 l/r
48 kg 1x1 l/r
Pinch block curls 20lbs 3x5 l/r

Felt pretty good today. Good energy and ready to DL tomorrow am.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Todays workout.

AM workout:

Pull-ups +60lbs 3, 2, 2, 1 (Fighter pull up protocol)
DL 170lbs 2x20, 3 min rest between sets
Snatch 32kg, 5L/5R on the min for 10 min.

PM workout:
Pinch block curls: 15lbs at end of post, 2x5 L/R
TGU 40kg 2x2 L/R

The snatch has to get better if I'm going to put up the numbers I want at the TSC. Conditioning is not where it need to be right now. I have 8 weeks to improve. Just started to incorporate ZHealth back in. Starting with the movements 3 times a day and sticking to the basics.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesdays training.

GTG(grease the groove)
Pistols +24kg in rack position 3x1 l/r
Bent Press 32kg 3x1 l/r
Pinch block curls (Red Rafter pinch block) +15lbs at end of post 3x5 l/r

The pinch block can be found at: http://www.strongergrip.com/Docs/store/RedRafter.html

Pistols are getting easier after not doing them for awhile. Bent press feels great. Could go heavier but have been sore from the pullups on other training days. Love the pinch block. I can feel the strength gains in my forearms.


I’m writing the first blog entry on my new page for accountability. That’s right. I’m letting the world know that I am going to be competing in the TSC at Kinetic Edge Performance in Woodbury, MN on April 4, 2009. RKC Team Leader Brad Nelson has challenged me to compete in the Elite division with him. The Elite division consists of my max on deadlift, pullups with additional 20lbs, and as many 32kg kettlebell snatches as I can do in five minutes.
More information on the TSC can be found here: http://www.tacticalstrengthchallenge.com/.
This will not be easy. I’m in the second week of a program that Brad developed to help get me in shape and ready for the competition. I’m posting my daily training and thoughts about each session so that I can track progress and share with you what works when preparing for a event of this type. I will also be posting some pics and videos of the training and other fun things I have going on.