Thursday, April 9, 2009

What a night....Thursday's training.

AM workout: 15sec work/15sec rest

burpees/jump rope
3 min rest
hindu squats/mtn climbers
3 min rest
Power wheel pike ups
Power wheel leg curls

37:58 352 cal HR 140A 166 Max

PM grip work:

3-dimes pinch holds X3 R/L
25lbs plate curls X 3 sets
Card tears - 3 decks
phonebooks - 3

Doing more bw conditioning work and taking a break from the big lifts after the TSC. I was burnt out on DL and pullups. I've been doing a little grip work everyday and will continue until I can feel that I need to take some time off. Surprised myself with the cards and phonebooks. I couldn't start a PB on Sunday at the Grip and Rip. I was shot physically and mentally. Recharged today I got threw them.

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