Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday's training -- TSC prep PR's!!

Took a couple days off to get over a head cold. Bad sinus congestion and head pressure. Felt better yesterday and felt even better today so I thought I would give it a run before I leave for AZ for a few days of sun and's been in the 80's there. That will be an 70 degree temp change from Fargo. On to the workout:

JM warm up
DL(225,315warmup) 405-4x2, 435-2, 455-1, 485-1, 505-1 PR!
Pull-up BW-5,5 +25lbs-11,11,10 PR!
Ab wheel 1x20

WOW!!! What a great lift. My first pull over 500. I've pulled 500 once before but never after that may sets prior. 505 a new PR. I'll beat that on April 4th for a new PR. Then to knock out 32 total reps with an additional 25lbs. I'm jacked. I didn't have time to do the 5 min snatch test do to time restraints.

I wanted to lose some weight before the event so I started dieting two weeks ago. I'm down 12 lbs to 228. I'll drop a few more pounds before April 4th and the pull-ups should be easier.

Quick thank you to Brad Nelson ( for helping me along the way and for the TSC prep workout that I have been following.

Thanks for reading.

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