Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just off the phone...

with Senior RKC Brad Nelson. He's got me very excited about the April 4th TSC at his gym in Woodbury, MN. Like mentioned earlier, he is helping me with a program to get me ready to be my best on April 4th. We just talk about tweaking the program some to see what works best for us. We'll be adjusting the pullup program to heavy pulls on Mon/Fri of 3-5 reps to light +16kg on Wed for 10 reps. Also are alternating between the 40kg and 32kg kb's for snatches. The goal is 120 in 5 min at the competition. I will be more precise with my daily training log so we can continue to adjust numbers and see what is working for each other. He also mentioned that there may be a seminar by Brad and Adam Glass that follows the TSC. More info to come on that. TSC and training seminar in one strength packed weekend, I can't wait.

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