Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I’m writing the first blog entry on my new page for accountability. That’s right. I’m letting the world know that I am going to be competing in the TSC at Kinetic Edge Performance in Woodbury, MN on April 4, 2009. RKC Team Leader Brad Nelson has challenged me to compete in the Elite division with him. The Elite division consists of my max on deadlift, pullups with additional 20lbs, and as many 32kg kettlebell snatches as I can do in five minutes.
More information on the TSC can be found here: http://www.tacticalstrengthchallenge.com/.
This will not be easy. I’m in the second week of a program that Brad developed to help get me in shape and ready for the competition. I’m posting my daily training and thoughts about each session so that I can track progress and share with you what works when preparing for a event of this type. I will also be posting some pics and videos of the training and other fun things I have going on.

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